Flex your charging power.

The world’s thinnest flexible wireless charging pad.  

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It’s flexible because it’s totally new.  The future of charging is here!

In order to build the worlds thinnest flexible wireless charging pad, we had to break the rules to re-imagine the design from ground up.  Every element is new.  Nothing has been left untouched. The use of eco-friendly natural materials, patented technology separating the coil from circuit board, re-engineering components to be 70% thinner  – the list goes on.  The result is a striking contemporary handcrafted design, something totally unexpected.  We call it Xpad.

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Universal charging

Xpad’s intelligent smart chip automatically determines the fastest power delivery available based on any wall charger being used, making it universally compatible.

70% Less Bulk

We’re a little obsessed with bulk. The pursuit of optimizing components and carefully choosing natural materials achieved 70% less bulk than other chargers. Xpad is only 1/10th of an inch - that's around 2 credit cards thick!! So our obsession paid off.

Handcrafted Natural Materials

You’ll notice the difference immediately from the moment you touch the Xpad. The premium feel and textures of the leather, timber veneer and cork are unlike anything else on the market. And that’s by design.

Flexible design

Most charging pads are made of rigid plastics. Our eco-friendly materials bend and flex like nature intended, giving Xpad a striking look and feel.

Xpad’s timeless design stands out at home, on a desk, on a bedside table, or even on your couch’s armrest. Tradition and technology elegantly combined.

Eco-friendly materials

By using cork, leather and timber veneer, Xpad looks natural, feels exceptional and is 90% recyclable.

Easy to use

Xpad is simple. Just plug it in and set your phone on it. There’s no set-up, no preferences, just charge on demand.

50% cooler

Yes, Xpad looks cool, but it also keeps cool. Our progressive design separates the circuit board and the charging coil, helping the Xpad and your phone stay cooler.

Cork – spacecraft material

Cork is used in spacecrafts because it’s an exceptional thermal insulator and lightweight.  It has other amazing qualities, so we chose to use it for the internal structure of all Xpads.

Charge on the go

Because Xpad is thin and flexible, you can take it anywhere.  Slip it in your computer bag without fear of damage and use it on the go – at work, a coffee shop or at school.

It picks the power

The circuitry in Xpad is smart enough to know what power it’s plugged into, so it knows exactly the maximum power to deliver to the phone.

It’s just right

We designed Xpad to comfortably fit any wireless device. Its proportions can naturally accommodate all smartphone sizes – yes, even phablets.

Connects first time  

Early detection before contact – Xpad detects your phone prior to contact, ensuring early fast connection without searching for the charging spot.

Charge in style –

Because we chose natural materials, Xpad looks different from the start. Our extensive research and design covered a long list of potential materials. We chose to build Xpad from these three completely recyclable materials.

Genuine Tanned Italian Leather

Xpad’s Italian sourced full character leather has a timeless luxury and classic appeal that looks great in any setting. Naturally flexible, durable, stitched and hand-crafted to meet the highest quality standards.

Real Timber Veneer

The timber veneer is rich with natural textures, is surprisingly flexible and looks great. The grain, patterns,  and colors are designed by nature making every Xpad unique.

Real Cork

What’s inside every Xpad? Cork. We tested 30 materials and cork won every time. It’s stays cool during charging, is naturally anti-static, and it’s impermeable to moisture. It’s also flexible, eco-friendly and durable. We even made one entirely of cork.

Under the hood

While the look of Xpad is outstanding, what really makes it stand apart is the innovative smart technology that’s inside. Our smart chips actively and continuously control the power to deliver a fast, safe charge to your wireless device. Xpad is Qi compatible and can deliver 5, 7.5 or 10 watts of power – most wireless chargers only put out 5 watts. And unlike most others, Xpad is compatible with all three types of wall chargers – Quick Charge™ and Power Delivery fast wall chargers and standard USB wall chargers. And it also plugs right into your laptop when you’re on the go. So this is truly a universal charging solution!