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Your Gateway to Personalized Sleep Therapy

Step into a world of restorative slumber with Tomo, where vibrant colors and innovative sleep wave technologies converge to nurture the body, boost energy levels, and facilitate the ultimate sleep experience.

Infused with proprietary AI algorithms, Tomo crafts personalized sleep treatments tailored to focus the conscious mind, strengthen the body, and balance emotions, paving the way for rejuvenating rest like never before.

With its revolutionary “sleep therapy ecosystem,” Tomo seamlessly integrates a smart sleep tracker bracelet and an intuitive mobile app, working in perfect harmony to guide you towards unparalleled sleep wellness.


You Deserve a Better Tomorrow

Smart AI Personalization

Tomo's AI automatically creates personalized sleep therapy plans using a combination of color and sleep wave therapy technology.

Sleep Therapy Ecosystem

Tomo features a comprehensive sleep therapy ecosystem, including a smart sleep tracker bracelet and an intuitive mobile app.

Easy-to-Use Design

Control the contactless device effortlessly with the ability to adjust light intensity and remembers your current sleep plan.

Deep Meditation and Power Nap

Tomo offers slow brain wave meditation plans, along with options for power naps to recharge your mental energy and productivity throughout the day.

Natural Brain Waves

Tomo creates natural brain waves that synchronize with your sleep cycle.

Unique Body Waves

Creating natural waves that align to the body, Tomo brings harmony and empowerment.

Color Therapy

Colors that connect with deeper emotions and affect physical and emotional well-being.


Tomo is the world’s first contactless sleep solution designed to improve your sleep.

App Control

Develop sleep plans, see insights in your sleep data, and receive guidance to achieve the ultimate sleep experience.

Smart Bracelet

Detects your heartbeat, stress levels, and sleep stages to keep track of improvements.

Your Personalized Sleep Companion

Tomo's innovative design encompasses brainwaves, body waves, and color therapy, mimicking natural sleep stages to synchronize with your body's sleep cycle.

Create personalized sleep treatments tailored to your needs, focusing on strengthening the body, balancing emotions, and enhancing overall well-being.

Tomo offers meditation plans utilizing slow brain waves, along with options for power naps to recharge your mental energy and productivity throughout the day.

Tomo's wake-up system gently eases you into consciousness with brainwaves and light, offering a gradual and peaceful awakening for a refreshed start to your day.

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Why Tomo?

Three years in development, Tomo is a unique and comprehensive solution for optimizing sleep and enhancing overall well-being. In a world-first, Tomo integrates cutting-edge color therapy and ‘sleep wave’ technologies, using advanced AI protocols, to provide individualized sleep therapy treatments, that not only nurture the body but also boost waking energy levels.

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