Sonobo - The Most Advanced Earphones With Breathtaking Audiophile Sound

Take control of your listening experience with next-generation audio technology.

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Don't Just Hear The Music - Experience It

Created by audio engineers to reach the highest standards, Sonobo are the most advanced TWS (True Wireless Stereo) earphones on the market, delivering best-in-class sound quality while providing the safest listening experience. Packed with innovative features, 24 bit 192 kHz sound quality, next-generation speakers, and HD Voice Microphones with extended range, Sonobo are quite simply the best earphones you’ve ever experienced.

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Audiophile Sound

Calling the sound “amazing” simply doesn’t cover it, Sonobo delivers the pure, honest sound, intended by the professional sound engineers and musicians who created it.

Sound targeting

You’re in control of what you hear and how, whether it’s your favorite tunes while jogging on the beach or a group of friends in a noisy bar - you only hear what you want to.

Hearing Protection

Sonobo SafeSonics measures your ears sensitivity to frequencies and calculates safe listening time by analysing your music, it sends you push notifications letting you know when you are approaching your limit.

Audio Innovation

Perfect for music, speech, or any other audio, use your Sonobos for calls, voice-activated commands, and for any other kind of crisp audio and vocal communications.

Experience Music On A Whole New Level


Sonobo is packed with features! Check out why Sonobo is quite simply the most advanced earphones on the market.

Sonobo One’s full range dynamic speakers are carefully tuned to preserve the integrity of the original sound so music sounds exactly like the artist originally intended.

The Ultimate travel companion…..whether on Planes, Trains, or Public Transportation, Sonobo will allow you to relax and enjoy your Music, Audiobooks, or take that important meeting call without interruption from the world around you..

SmartCase includes its own ‘super’ microprocessor and 4 HD Microphones, adding an extra noise canceling feature to enhance the already superior noise-canceling technology of Sonobo.

SmartCase includes Remote, targeted sound boost, which means that if you’re in a noisy environment - like a restaurant - you can still hear the conversation around the table with enhanced clarity.

The SLTMS (Safe Listening Time Management System) provides the safest listening experience possible, adhering to the listening guidelines established by NIOSH, OSHA, The WHO, or any other health organizations.

Never worry about your charger again. The SmartCase will last up to 500 charges - the perfect traveling companion.

Meet Sonobo

With three feature-packed earphones and the SmartCase, any Sonobo you chose is sure to be a perfect fit. Prices include the 50% discount.

Sonobo One - $99

Sonobo One uses custom, next-generation speakers, finely tuned by recording engineers for an optimal listening experience. Its full-range dynamic speakers are carefully tuned to preserve the integrity of the original sound, be it a vocalist, guitar, or drum. Comes with a pocket charger with up to 60 hours per charge.

Sonobo Pro - $229

Sonobo Pro uses 6 custom balanced armature speakers per earphone for a full-bodied honest reproduction of the music. With Pro you don’t just hear the music, you live it. Includes the full suite of features including Smartcase & GunSonics.

Sonobo Elite - $499

Sonobo Elite uses 18 custom balanced armature speakers per earphone, carefully tuned by recording engineers and optimized to create the most immersive audio experience possible. Bring your experience to new levels of realism in sound. Includes the full suite of features including Smartcase & GunSonics.


An optional extra with Sonobo One, the SmartCase comes as standard with the Pro and Elite models. Includes 4 built-in HD microphones to enable targeted Remote Noise Cancelling, Super Boost, and much more. The lid is also a wireless charging mat for Qi-compatible devices like mobile phones and smartwatches.

Experience Music Like Never Before

Sonobo is there for you wherever you want to go.

This is the ultimate product for travelers. Planes, trains, and buses can be noisy, but Sonobo will allow you to enjoy your music, audiobooks, or podcasts, while still allowing you to hear announcements for the next train stop.

Even if you’re at a party, straining to hear a friend over all the noise, when placed near the source of the desired sound, SmartCase will be able to isolate what you want to hear through your Sonobo earphones while eliminating the noise you don’t want to hear.

Using Sonobo’s GunSonics feature, you’ll be able to replace your ear tips with special shooting versions and enjoy the world’s safest electronic hearing defender - proven to outperform even the most expensive electronic hearing protectors for shooting. You can use the GunSonics with just the earphones.

The Gunsonics function is also useful for other environments where noise levels are high, such as building sites, factories, where employees use noisy machinery, anywhere that does boring or drilling, and airport workers.

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