SaniGear - The Ultimate 3-in-1 Self-Cleaning Face Mask Case

Includes UVC technology and a built-in hand and surface sanitizer spray.

How Clean Is Your Mask?

It only takes a second for bacteria to get on your mask – and we’re wearing them right next to our faces. 

The MaskCase is a highly portable solution to your facemask woes. Simply stow your mask in your MaskCase and let it sterilize your mask in minutes. Keep it in your car, at home, or even wear it around your neck so you have it right when you need it. 

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Why You Need The SaniGear MaskCase

UVC Light Technology

The UVC light technology kills the bacteria on the surface of your mask.

All-In-One Solution

MaskCase makes your days less stressful and makes you feel more secure about keeping yourself safe.

Extremely Portable

Small enough to fit in your pocket, or you can even wear it around your neck. MaskCase is ready to go where you go.

Multiple Uses

The MaskCase isn’t just for your mask. You can also use it to clean your keys, money, rings, or any other small items.

Keeps Your Mask Clean

Ultraviolet C (UVC) is already well-known as a disinfectant that is used in multiple industries.

The Li-Po battery lasts a long time - up to 100 cycles of mask disinfections. That’s a lot of time between charges.

MaskCase fits in most pockets or can be worn around the neck with a cord so it’s there exactly when you need it.

The sleek and futuristic design looks cool and is the perfect accessory that easily integrates into any wardrobe.

MaskCase comes with a standard USB Micro B charging cable for quick charging - every hundred uses!

The built-in spray sanitizer is the perfect versatile disinfectant for cleaning your hands or any surfaces you are about to touch.

Each refill of spray sanitizer lasts up to 200 sprays and eliminates waste from all the tiny bottles that usually clutter up your car and home.

MaskCase is designed by experienced swiss engineers and uses high-quality materials to ensure durability and quality.

Keep one at home, in your car, and anywhere else where you might need a mask.

The MaskCase helps you store your mask in a clean and hygienic environment, ready for next use. Enjoy a fresher, UVC sanitized face mask when you are on-the-go.

Why SaniGear Guarantees Shipping

SaniGear is primed and ready to go to get your order to you as soon as possible.

Production Is Ready

The manufacturer has all the necessary technical information for production.

Mold Tools In Place

Our injection mold partner has the tools ready to go.

On The Calendar

The logistic center has already reserved space for us between April and July.

Production Guaranteed

SaniGear is already set up to produce a small series of the product without external help.

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