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The world’s first headset for boosting cognition!

The world’s first headset for boosting cognition: improve your memory, focus and creativity!

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Halfbike 3

Halfbike 3 - Bridge the gap between man, machine and dance

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Xia: Energy Saving Device

XIA: Energy Saving Device - Cut Your Bill by 70pct Regulate your AC usage while maintaining comfort, saving you tons of money in the process!

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The Hot Seat is the world’s first USB-heated Stadium Chair.

The heated seat that penetrates deep into the body to relax and warm muscles at any event, indoors and out.

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Buy a jacket for yourself and they gift one to a kid in need for free!

Responsibly sourced, windproof, water-resistant and breathable.

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Purisoo - Water Purifier On the Go

Purify water right in the bottle, anywhere you are

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Ridy: First Distracted and Drowsy Driving Alert

You won't fall asleep at the wheel or get distracted by texts with Ridy!

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The ultimate CITY e-Bike from the bicycle capital of the world, Denmark.

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Dygma Raise- World's most advanced gaming keyboard

Dygma Raise is an ergonomic keyboard designed to increase gamers' performance, health and comfort.

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