Veo Sports Camera

Meet Veo, the sports camera that delivers 180° panoramic views through two 4K lenses recording with 30 frames per second. Plus, enough storage for several matches and a powerful battery! Veo offers more than 4 hours of recording time, 4 hours of battery life, and weighs less than 1 kg making it the perfect portable device.

Veo is built to all kinds of weather conditions. The casing is water-resistant and the lenses automatically adjust to the light where you play. Experience phenomenal video indoors, outdoors, or on green or blue underlays! Veo finds the ball on pitches of all types.

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Storage: 64GB memory

Connectivity: Ethernet for upload, WiFi for remote control

Recording: Dual 4K @ 30FPS

Power: 15V/2.4A (Charging) - 4 hours recording (Battery)

Dimensions: 57mm (h) x 230mm (w) x 155mm (d)

Weight: 1300 grams, 45.9 oz.