The Treadly Ultra-This Compact Treadmill is the best workout device if you live in a small space or just hate a lot of clutter. At 3.5 inches thick and weighing 64 pounds, it’s the ideal device to use and then stow away quickly. You can even store it upright.

Featuring magnetic stickers, built-in wheels, and foldable handrails, the Treadly is safe and stable for even more strenuous workouts. Reach paces up to mph and nothing will break a sweat except you!



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Dimensions: 55” L x 25” W x 3.8” H

Belt Size: 47" L x 18.5" W

Min Height: 1.8"

Max Height: 3.5"

Ground Clearance: 1.2"

Speed: 0-5 mph

Max Weight: 220 lb

Power Requirements: 110V 50Hz-60Hz

Weight: 64 lb

Frame Build: Aluminum Alloy