TopJoy Butterfly: Pocket-Sized True Color DES Screen E-Reader

TopJoy Butterfly is a full-featured, ultra-portable color e-book reader with 6 and 7.8-inch screen size options. Equipped with a true color DES screen, TopJoy Butterfly offers 300 PPI for black & white content and unparalleled 150 PPI for color. Powered by the Android 11 operating system, the device is a versatile reading pad for different file formats and popular reading apps to make you reading experience effortless! Included with a stylus with an eraser, TopJoy Butterfly 7.8 inch e-reader empowers you to read, sketch, and take notes while enhancing the full-color paper-like reading and writing experience. Portable, lightweight, and compact, and is an ideal reading pad for everyday use!



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B&W PPI: 300 PPI

Color PPI: 150PPI

Color Mode: Supports B&W and color display modes

Reading Front Light: