SPOTU : The Most Advanced Fitness Coach

Say hello to the new way to get customizable fitness wherever you workout with the SPOTU wearable fitness device! Developed and optimized for routine-based indoor exercises, it accurately monitors physical condition through advanced technology and provides workout performance insights and solutions for more effective self-coaching, exercise ability improvement, and injury prevention based on a variety of data!

SPOTU analyzes the Youtube videos that are most popular in the at-home fitness category as well as the Youtube channels that you’ve already subscribed to and displays them in the app for easy reference. It also extracts workout details from the videos and saves them into the database, so you can view those details in the SPOTU app without having to watch the videos themselves. You can easily search for workouts that you want to do using keywords and get workout recommendations for your fitness level – all from the SPOTU app.

While you’re working out, you’ll also see movement names, workout time, reps, total reps, RPM, HR bpm, and body temperature. SPOTU allows you to check your heart rate level via an LED lamp on the device. The ECG type Heart Rate Sensor in the device maintains accurate HR measurement even during intense workouts. LED light indicators represent a different heart rate level, so you know your current physical status immediately. Important information that will help you adjust your pace for more effective athletic growth, as well as reducing the risk of injury. Plus, utilize an accurate ECG-type heart rate sensor, respiration sensor, and noise-minimized motion tracking technology.

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Wearing Type: Chest Strap

Connectivity: Bluetooth 5.0 LE

OS: Micrium RTOS

Display: 12 RGB LED, 24 bit color, 8 bit dimming

Battery Life: Max 3 hours

Charging: Wireless Charging