Sobro Cooler Coffee Table

The Sobro Cooler Coffee Table’s smart design supports your connected lifestyle. With a refrigerated drawer, 2 Bluetooth speakers, 2 USB charging ports, 4 outlets, and LED lights, this unique table keeps you powered up! Plus, it could be the greatest living room innovation since the remote control! It keeps beverages cold and food chilled always within reach. But, more than just a cooler, the Sobro uses a compressor to keep your wine, beer and beverages ice cold and features precise temperature controls that you can adjust to your liking. Control all the features with the touchscreen on the tempered glass top, no app download is required!
Set the mood or start the party with rich deep sound quality. Dual Bluetooth speakers on each side of the Sobro coffee table deliver enhanced sound and rich bass. LED lights on the underside of the Sobro coffee table make for amazing ambiance and set the mood for a Netflix night or your next big bash. AND connect your TV audio to the table via the included Bluetooth dongle. Control all of this via the touchscreen on the Tempered Glass top: No app download required! The Sobro coffee table is designed to be plug and play. Simply plug in the Sobro to a wall outlet and you’re ready to go. There’s no assembling drawers or building furniture just simply screw on the legs of the table and plug it in. Using a cord concealer, you can smooth the cord on the floor and put it under the couch where it’s out of the way.

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Temperature Range: 37-54 degrees Fahrenheit

Base Material : Metal

Refrigerator drawer: Supports 55lbs