Snore Circle Sleepbreathe Sleep Breathing Monitor

Snoring? Meet Sleepbreathe, an innovative home-use smart wearable to monitor breathing during sleep. With direct breathing airflow data collection, powerful AI algorithms, and medical-grade biosensor, Sleepbreathe tracks your sleep and analyzes sleep data accurately for better sleeping health management.

Sleepbreathe calculates each breath with high accuracy. It collects data during sleep in the most convenient and comfortable way.  By monitoring breathing, snoring, sleep cycles and sleep positions, Sleepbreathe comprehensively and accurately measures your sleep conditions. It provides users with snoring data analysis through our patented algorithm and intelligent calculation of the snoring condition. Understand all your sleep details in a clear way to monitor the occurrence of respiratory events and improve overall sleep health.


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Dimensions (Mask): 105x95.8x55.6 mm

Weight: 18.5 grams

Battery Life: About 16 hours