High-end technology offers a color spectrum adapted specifically for edible plants with the SMART VÉRITABLE GARDEN. The special color and performance ensure quick growth and develops the flavor of your plants! With autonomy, the light is automatically controlled and remains active for 16 hours a day, turning off for 8 hours to imitate the natural daylight cycle. The garden doesn’t require any natural light to grow. Place it in a room without windows and experience great results! It also offers automatic nutrients to your plants. All you have to do is harvest! The water tank holds three weeks’ worth of water so you can travel with peace of mind knowing your plants are cared for while you’re away.

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Weight: 1,5 kg

Size: 33cm x 18,5cm x 38 to 45cm (Lxlxh)

Water Tank Storage: 2 liters

Irrigation System: Passive hydroponic culture

Lighting: Professionnal LEDs, Low power, without UV