Revopoint POP 2 High-Precision 3D Scanner

Offering handheld and desktop scanning abilities, the Revopoint POP 2 high-precision 3D scanner delivers high-speed smart chips. The second-generation 3D scanning device comes with advanced hardware technology and excellent color effects. Plus, super-powered accuracy up to 0.1mm. Adopting the principle of binocular and microstructured light, it has a proprietary microprojecting chip. So its fast-acquired 3D point cloud data has high accuracy, and it supports high-precision scanning mode and texture scanning mode. It is an easy device to use with fluent scanning, eye-friendly technology, and one-button operation.

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Point Distance: Up to 0.15mm

Single Capture Range: 210mmx130mm

Minimum Scan Volume: 20x20x20 mm

Light Source: 1 class infrared Laser 1

Dimensions: 154.6x38.2x25.6mm