First the remarkable facts behind the Purisoo portable water purifier: the ability for one replaceable filter to last as much as 1,000 liters, or the equivalent of 2000 bottles of water. This is a remarkable figure if you are sensitive to environmental costs and tend to appreciate the ease of a mere single bottle to last you for days on a camp site. The device will filter bacterias and sediments, reduces odors and even will cut down on viruses. It can purify rust and urine, and basically is a no-go with salt water and harsh chemicals. Contaminated water will be filled first in the bottle, but Purisoo claims it does not store any contaminated water and has a separate chamber for storing the purified H20. A manual pump is used to extract water from whatever source you are around, and no charge or battery is part of the unit.

Overview & Specs

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Capacity : 13.8 ounces

Weight: 20 ounces

Size: 3 in x 11 in

Price : TBA


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