POWERUP 4.0 Smartphone Controlled Paper Airplane Kit

Turn any paper airplane into a powered, remote controlled flying machine! With the in-app controls, you’ll be able to barrel role and hammerhead with ease. Plus, create and test new designs from paper, light balsa wood, or foam. Durable carbon-fiber construction means you can enjoy peace of mind while flying and even fly when the weather isn’t perfect.

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Bluetooth Enabled: range of 230 ft /70 meters

Smartphone controlled : download the POWERUP 4.0 app for iOS or Android

Weight: just 19 grams with a 2:1 thrust : weight ratio,

Speed: up to 20mph (or 9m/sec)

Measurements: 8.6 in/ 220 mm long

Flight Time: Up to 10 minutes of flight time.

Battery: 150 lipo quick charge

Charging Time: 25-30 minutes for a full charge