Pop Design Aero True Wireless Earbuds puts an emphasis on sound design with a 7mm driver and larger sound chamber than much of the competition, which maintains generous base without sacrificing clean highs and midrange. For ease of use, the earbuds automatically pair with your bluetooth device and turn on when you pull them off the charging case; Pop Design uses new technology to keep these earbuds in a constant sleep mode, automatically turning off when you set them back in their case. Over 3 hours of full charge and 15 hours of playtime from the charging case pretty much guarantees you aren’t going to run out of music and talk time on a typical day. With excellent sound in place and all this ease of use, one question remains: will a sweaty workout destroy these truly wireless earbuds? Pop Design Aero’s meet the IPX5 rating and are essentially waterproof, so you’re free to listen to music anywhere at any time.

Overview & Specs

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Specs : 7 mm driver and large sound chamber

Waterproof : Yes

Auto Pairing/On Off : Yes

Charge : 15 hours with case

Price : $59


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