Oura Balance Ring

Say hello to your new, stylish body monitor, the Balance Ring by Oura. Using infrared photoplethysmography, it measures your heart rate and respiration. Plus, the Balance ring has an incorporated 3D accelerometer for accurate activity measurements. What’s more, it has a negative temperature coefficient to monitor your body temperature.

Optimize your lifestyle, and get a clear understanding of your current body status with three personalized daily scores: Readiness, Activity, and Sleep. Plus, you can customize your experience by adding tags – like “caffeine” or “alcohol” – and explore how your habits, behaviors, and choices affect your sleep and overall wellness.

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Memory: 6 weeks of data

Scratch-Resistant: Diamond-like carbon coating (DLC)

Material: Lightweight Titanium

Battery Life: Up to 7 days of battery life (full charge in 20-80 mins)

Water-Resistant: Water-resistant up to 100m (more than 328ft)