OSMA Portable Coffee Device

Wish you could make cold coffee in a flash? Now you can with the OSMA portable coffee brewer! OSMA uses a combination of pressure, immersion, and circulation to preserve and amplify each coffee’s unique character. All you have to do is put chilled water in, and it’ll make your caffeinated beverage taste as it steeped overnight. And the great part is that it uses biodegradable pods to avoid harming the environment. Pods are also available empty so you can fill them with your favorite coffee. You can use hot water to brew with Osma for a rich, complex, and balanced cup too. Change the way you do coffee!

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Materials: Aluminum, BPA-free PETG, Zinc

Weight: 1.5 pounds

Capacity: 6 oz

Battery Life: 20+ brews

Dimensions: 80mmx270mm