O3 WaterWorks Sanitizing Spray Bottle

Spray. Sanitize. Repeat.

The O3 WaterWorks Sanitizing Spray Bottle creates its own sanitizing solution! How? The diamond electrolytic cell uses a powerfully small charge and the spray point to create aqueous ozone on demand. It only takes 30 seconds for Aqueous Ozone to kill 99.9% of common bacteria and pathogens. Aqueous Ozone has been in use for over 100 years to purify and disinfect water. Ozone or O3 consists of three loosely bound oxygen atoms that readily give up an oxygen ion to react and oxidize with organic contaminants.

The Sanitizing Spray Bottle delivers safer sanitation!  You wipe down your counters with bleaches, disinfectants, and detergents, but do you wipe THOSE off? Aqueous Ozone almost immediately reverts back to pure oxygen and water.

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Materials: PC/ABS Impact Resistant Plastic

Weight (Empty): 1.45 lb (0.66 kg)

Dimensions: 4.75 in x 5.5 in x 10 in (120.7 mm x 139.7 mm x 250 mm)

Reservoir Capacity: 10 oz (295.7 ml)

Water Temperature: 40°F to 86°F (4°C to 30°C)

Water Quality: Hardness ≤ 250 ppm CACO3 (May Extend Life of Unit) Conductivity >50 μS/cm (Cell damage may result from use of distilled or deionized water)

Ambient Air: 40°F to 104°F (4°C to 40°C)

Rechargeable Battery: 7.4 V Li-Ion (Charger uses 100 V AC to 240 V AC, 50/60 Hz)

Useful Battery Life: 600 Reservoir Fills or 500 Charges (Typical)

Model #: SB-100HD

Certifications: CE, TUV, RoHS, WEEE

EPA Establishment Number: 089373-MA-001