Mercury Jacket

At the core of Mercury are three carbon fiber heating elements that heat all at once, strategically placed to disappear into the jacket. At just 100g, flexible, and 1mm thin (that’s thinner than a dime), you’ll barely notice the heaters. These heaters can deliver 10 watts of heating power nearly instantaneously, reaching up to 135ºF/57ºC, the same temperature as a cup of coffee.

Mercury creates a microclimate for your body using real-time reactive and proactive heating to constantly adapt heat and optimize your body temperature. Using the accelerometer, body temperature, and outside temperature, Mercury triangulates the perfect amount of heat, so you don’t have to worry about overheating. Because of the Mercury’s machine learning capability, the more feedback you give it, the better it gets and automatically learns your preferences.

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Colors: Jet black; Gorgeous navy

Rating: 10K mmH20 Waterproof Rating and 10K mLH20 Breathability Rating for Rain, Snow and Everyday Commuting

Lining Insulation: 100 g/m2 65% Recycled Polyester / 35% Coffee-infused Recycled Polyester.

Fabric: Soft, High-gauge 4-way stretch fabric.

Thermal control: Intelligent Thermal Control with USB-powered carbon-fiber heating elements.

Hardware: Accelerometer for motion detection. Internal Temperature Sensor located on the Right Side Chest). External temperature sensor located on the collar.