iCUE NEXUS Companion Touch Screen

Discover the power of CORSAIR iCUE software at your fingertips with the CORSAIR iCUE NEXUS Companion Touch Screen that operates as your command center! It enables control of your setup with a fully customizable interface, more than 200-swipe to navigate screens with unique graphics and icons, and displays up to six programmable virtual buttons! The iCUE NEXUS can be plugged into the standalone base (included) for freedom of desktop positioning or can be attached directly to select CORSAIR keyboards for an integrated experience.

Command with a touch to create actions and macros for your favorite games and applications in the CORSAIR iCUE software. You will also be able to view in-depth, real-time system monitoring from your CPU and GPU along with temperatures, fan speeds, and more!

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Screen Dimensions: 5" diagonal wide display screen

Resolution: 640x48 pixels

Weight: 0.053 lbs

Product Category: Gaming Accessories