During our first Kickstarter campaign, our backers’ generous support helped us raise enough funds to launch iblazr’s production and ultimately bring this wireless flash to a wide audience. Our first backers—all 2,633 of them!—became the first among many to own iblazr. Now, Instagrammers, party people, techno geeks, photographers, cinematographers, professional journalists and so many others use iblazr flashes every day to take photos, shoot video and lighten their daily lives. 

Since launching iblazr, more than 20,000 users in 195 countries snapped over 150,000 photos with the help of our flash. iblazr is currently available in more than 45 countries, in hundred of shops, including Apple Stores and Best Buy, and online. Today every iblazr user is an essential part of our team, project and history.

iblazr 2, the second generation in the iblazr flash series, is the most advanced light source for smartphones and tablets available in the consumer market. This flash designed for smartphones also comes in handy when taking photos with tablets or DSLR cameras, lighting analogue photography, brightening nighttime video calls, or simply functioning as a small but powerful flashlight.

In creating iblazr 2, we not only optimized the physical design of the device but also made significant improvements to its electronic components. The result is an iblazr with more functions that remains as easy to use as it was before.

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Price: $99.99


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