Grobo Premium Smart Garden

Meet Grobo Premium, the do it all growing system! With its sleek, modern design, it will fit right into any room in your home. This smart garden comes with everything you need to start growing right away. The free Grow Kit includes Bottles 1 and 2 for adjusting pH, and Bottles 3,4, and 5 for feeding your plant. It also includes our Smell Reducing Carbon Filter and a Coco Pod for your seed to grow in. Just add your favorite seed and start growing!

Plus, Grobo uses energy efficient LED lights to keep your home functioning efficiently. The high-quality door sealant incorporated into Grocbo ensures any plant odors are significantly reduced. Also, it uses a carbon filter to scrub the air all the time! Grobo automatically changes the intensity of its light spectrum depending on the stage of growth your plant is in. The ultimate smart garden is here.



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Width: 14 inches (35.5cm)

Depth: 14 inches (35.5cm)

Height: 48 inches (122cm)

Grow Space: 28 inches (71cm)

Weight: 85lb

Material : Cold Rolled Steel