EnviroHygiene Orb Antimicrobial Light Ball

Is your home protected from harmful germs? Meet the EnviroHygiene Orb Antimicrobial Light Ball, a ping-pong sized device that uses safe and effective blue/UV-A light to kill algae, mold, fungus, and bacteria in everyday items! The first of its kind, the Orb emits blue light in the 405nm spectrum. It is proven to destroy microorganisms and kill bacteria, algae, and mold.

The Orb is perfect for sanitizing everyday items that may be forgotten in everyday cleaning. Your humidifier, shoes, pet bowl, lockers, water bottles, meat, and veggie drawers are now easier than ever to sanitize! Plus, it is rechargeable and portable!


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Diameter: Around 1.6"

Power: Rechargeable

Light: Blue/UV-A light