Eargo Neo Hifi Hearing Aids

Experience life in surround sound with the medical-grade quality of Eargo Neo Hifi Hearing Aids! Virtually invisible with your own custom design and charging case included, you’ll transform your world with quality sound. Featuring noise reduction and feedback cancellation and stability, these innovative hearing aids let you experience sounds as intended.

The Flexi Tetraplms designs offer soft replaceable tips made with medical-grade silicone, allowing Eargos to effortlessly float inside your ear while letting and natural sounds in. They disappear into the ear canal so no one will know you are wearing them. Custom design your Eargos to match your unique lifestyle.

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Dimensions: L - 19.3mm / H- 6.8 / W 12mm

Weight: 1.2g

Battery Capacity: Up to 20mAh

Gain: Maximum Output 111dB SPL

Noise Reduction: Up to 17dB gain reduction

Wind Noise Reduction: Up to 13dB gain reduction