BRID the 'Forever' NanoTechnology Air Purifier

BRID the Air Purifier uses an exclusive multi patented version of PCO / Photocatalysis technology to literally vaporize: POLLUTANTS, CARBON MONOXIDE, NOx, ODORS, REDUCE BACTERIA, FORMALDEHYDE, MOLD SPORES and more, transforming them into harmless substances. It does so extremely efficiently and with a multitude of technological advantages compared to older and conventional existing PCO products. Unlike its competitors, BRID does not generate any ozone as a byproduct and uses washable filters.


Comes in three sizes.

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Height: 8.25", 10", 11.75"

Diameter: 9.75" (all 3 sizes)

Weight: 6.5 lbs, 8.75 lbs, 11 lbs