Bouncie Car Tracking System

The Bouncie Smart Car Tracking System offers you peace of mind in knowing that your loved ones are safe while they are on the road! The innovative technology records the vehicle’s location gives real-time updates every 15 seconds. Plus, it offers accident notification and roadside assistance!

Bouncie also unlocks access to driving insights with notifications for speed, acceleration, hard braking, idle time, and more encouraging better decisions to be made on the road. Worried about the reliability of your vehicle? No problem! Bouncie continually monitors your vehicle’s health and alerts you when something needs attention. Everyone can rest knowing Bouncie is alongside on every trip.


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Dimensions: 1.875x1.75x1 inches

Weight: 1.13 oz

Receiver: 56-channel GPS receiver and GLONASS Tracking: -162 dBm

Antenna: Internal built-in

Accuracy: Position 2.5 m CEP