Roadwarez Road Tracker

RoadwareZ is an IOT platform for creating smart personal safety & security solutions, devises and wearables including this backpack that allows you to signal when you’re turning on your bicycle keeping you safer and others more aware of where you’re at. Stylish and designed to fit into your lifestyle, it’s the perfect accessory for professional and casual riders.

Features include:

  • FIRST-TO-MARKET HANDS FREE AUTOMATIC SIGNALING, including manual and voice control. Never be distracted by having to manually signal, our GPS routing automatically signals for you.
  • SAFE RIDE NAVIGATION takes riders through the safest routes (sidewalks, parks, bike routes, etc.). It also allows you to share your route with one or a group of riders and even sets up specific meeting points along the route.
  • SAFETY & EMERGENCY – If an accident occurs, the app will detect through motion sensors and will send SMS messages to your pre-programmed contacts alerting them, and provide the exact location.
  • REVOLUTIONARY PATENTED MOBILE APP features Map Ride so that all signaling will activate automatically. saves your popular routes, allows friends, colleagues and family to track your exact location at any time. voice enabled, to allow for hands-free, share rides with integrations to all popular social sites and tracking for riders and their friends, colleagues, and family
  • 5000mAh BATTERY INCLUDED for over 10 hours of use.

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Battery: 5000mAh BATTERY INCLUDED for over 10 hours of use

Mobile App: Features Map Ride

Dimensions: 1.8 x 13.8 x 21 inches

Weight: 5.3 ounces