Blaux Wearable AC

Blaux Wearable AC brings the ultimate personal cooling and air cleaning system to you on the go! It’s portability and lightweight design make it perfect for hot summer days, traveling, and filtering out unwanted germs and bacteria.

Designed to be compact and powerful, the wearable AC unit comes with 3 speeds blowing air 1.9 cubic feet per minute, a 5-degree flex frame for the perfect fit, and 120-degree flexible fans to cool where you need it most. It is rechargeable and so quiet, you’ll forget you are wearing it! Stay cool this summer with a Blaux Wearable AC unit!

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Battery: BIG 3.7V Lіthіum bаttеrу

Battery Life: Uр tо 30 hоurѕ оf power per сhаrgе

Charging Port: Cоmmоn USB Type-C сhаrgіng роrt

Charging Time: Fully charged in 4 hours

Range: Blows air 1.9 cubic feet per minute