Bianca Smart Key

Meet Bianca. The key that blends the traditional security of your house key with the convenience of Tile tracking technology.

Now you don’t have to upgrade your entire lock. Just incorporate the Bianca smart key into your home! With Tile tracking technology, you will always be able to find your key! The key will come right to your door, then just get your key cut by a locksmith to fit your home and you’re ready to go!

If you misplace your Bianca key, just open the app and it will ring with its 88-decibel melody. It even has a range of 100-foot range to work anywhere in your home. The best part is, it works the other way too. If you press the button on your key, your phone will ring!

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Connectivity: Bluetooth 4.0.

Dimensions: 95mm x 45mm x 6mm

Weight: 80g