Aibo Robotic Puppy

Meet Aibo, the robotic puppy powered by AI that will be the perfect addition to your family! Aibo delivers lifelike expressions and a dynamic array of movements. Its lovable behavior and friendly manner bring delight to the lives of its owners. Aibo loves being with people and displays a cheerful curiosity to know you better, explore the environment, and learn new tricks.

As Aibo explores, it develops relationships with people and creates more layers of its own identity. With everything you do, Aibo becomes your companion and over time will even learn its name! When Aibo feels tired, it will even return to the charging station on its own.


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Processor: 64bit Quad-Core CPU

Freely Movable Parts: Head:3 axes, Mouth:1 axis、Neck:1 axis, Waist:1 axis, Front paws/Back paws:3 axes per leg, Ear:1 axis per ear, Tail:2 axes (Total of 22 axes)

Display: 2 OLEDs (eyes)

Sound: Speaker, 4 Microphones

Camera: 2 Cameras (Front camera, SLAM camera)

Switches: Power button, Volume button, Network switch

Weight: Approx. 2.2 kg

Dimensions: Approx. 180 × 293 × 305 mm

Battery Duration: Approx. 2 hours

Recharge Time: Approx. 3 hours