Portal - Luminous Wearable Infinity Mirror Art

Customize your look with over 100 mesmerizing light patterns.

Unleash your inner light!

Inspired by the art & culture of Burning Man, Portal was created to be the ultimate accessory for self-expression. Portal necklaces are the future of fashion technology, combining the magic of infinity mirrors with your own creativity for the ultimate, modern statement piece.

Coming to on May 10, 2022!

Campaign Has Launched

Bring the Party With Portal

Match Your Mood

The free app allows you to fully customize your Portal with over 100 mesmerizing light patterns, sound and motion reactivity, and 16 million colors.

Vibe Anywhere

Because it’s customizable, your Portal will always be a reflection of your unique creativity and style no matter where you take it to.

Feel Like A VIP

Portal is the centerpiece of attention No matter where you go! Get stopped by admirers every time you wear yours in public.

Party All Night

With shatterproof mirrors and an 8-hour battery life, you can dance the night away without worry.

Captivate the night

Express Yourself

Portal helps create the vibe you want, so you don’t just go to the party - you are the party!

Portal is a great conversation starter to help you connect with people at festivals & raves.

Choose between the Heart or the Prisma shape and add on a customized 3-D printed casing (White, Black, Red, etc).

Use your Portal like a flashlight to navigate dark festivals and desert nights at Burning Man.

Light up your desk or room by keeping your Portal on the free display stand.

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