Morphi - the ultimate multi-use smartphone camera & video support system

Comes with four arms that can be positioned to create various handheld grips, mounts, and a tabletop tripod.

The Perfect Shot

Whether you’re filming the latest TikTok or just trying to get a group shot of the whole family, Morphi is extremely versatile. Morphi uses 4 movable arms to create over 20 different handheld configurations so you can get the perfect shot whether it’s by yourself, or working with a team.

Truly innovative, the Morphi is the next generation of filming tools that will eliminate the need for bulkier and more expensive equipment.

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Eliminate all those bulky, single serving equipment pieces! Morphi has got you covered.

Very Portable

Morphi can literally fold down enough to fit in your pocket, so it goes where you go.

Seamless Integration

Because Morphi fits your existing video and picture taking equipment, it’s ready to work for you.

Attaches Everywhere

Morphi literally has attachments for everything from a car to a tree & more for easy usage.

Morphi Makes Movie Magic

Morphi Makes Filming On The Go Easy

Experience Morphi’s 360 Matrix mode for quick, amazing videos that will leave your friends and followers wondering how you did it.

Morphi makes for the perfect and most secure selfie stick for vlogging or making videos while you’re walking

Each segment of Morphi is constructed from a durable Steel core which is then overmolded twice for a tough construction that’s built to withstand what you throw at it.

Get amazing moving shots using the C Shape Grip configuration of your Morphi including skateboarding, soccer, etc.

Morphi’s Suction Cup Mount and Clamp Mount attach to multiple surfaces for hands free filming even while driving your car.

Configure the Morphi into a table top tripod or use in conjunction with a standard tripod for group pictures, cooking videos, and more.

Morphi Makes Movie Magic Happen

Perfect for filming Tik Toks, YouTube videos, your own movies, or even a family photo, Morphi is versatile and portable enough to carry in your pocket.

Morphi can be positioned in over 20 different handheld configurations allowing for cameras and accessories to be mounted as needed.

Morphi gives you the ability to position the camera into unique places to capture different and dramatic angles.

Comfortably hold your devices and focus on shooting your subject instead of worrying about dropping your camera.

Whether hands-free or on your shoulder, Morphi has the configuration you need to get the perfect shot.

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