LIZ Smart Bottle

A next-gen self-cleaning smart bottle with UV sterilization and hydration reminders!

Live a Healthier, Active Lifestyle!


What’s in your bottle? More than just your beverage, unfortu

Most traditional water bottles contain more germs than a dog toy! Clean up your bottle or clear beverage with just a double tap of the smart lid and hydrate healthier and safer. Busy day? No problem! LIZ will remind you when it’s time to drink so you never get dehydrated.

Kills Bacteria

LIZ’s built-in sterilization system destroys 99.9% of harmful viruses & odor-causing bacteria.

Get Hydrated

Never get dehydrated! LIZ blinks every 2 hours to remind you to drink, so you don’t miss a drop.

Choose To Reuse

Every minute, more than 1 million plastic bottles are sold around the world. Reuse with LIZ!

Take It Anywhere

With a 6-month battery, anti-leak lid, lightweight design & carabiner, it’s ready to go anywhere!

Smart Hydration On The Go

UV Sterilization

Double tap the smart lid to enable the UV-C light, which destroys almost all harmful viruses and odor-causing bacteria.

Up To 24 Hours Of Insulation

Your beverage can stay hot or cold for up to 24 hours. No more lukewarm water when you want it cold!

Temperature Range Indicator

LIZ’s LED indicator light will flash blue for cold beverages, yellow for warm, and red for hot, so you won’t burn your mouth on hot coffee ever again.

Hydration Reminders

An LED light blinks every two hours to remind you to drink, which adds up to 3-4 bottles – the perfect amount of hydration.

Up To 6-Month Battery

No need to worry about running out of power. With just one sterilization a day, LIZ will last up to 6 months before it needs to be charged.

Durable Materials

LIZ is made of Vacuum Insulated (Surgical Grade) Stainless Steel and the lid is made of food-grade BPA-free Tritan plastic.

Touch Responsive Smart Lid

LIZ is so easy to use, you can manage the functions with just one finger. To turn on and off your LIZ simply press and hold the lid. Tap once to check the temperature and tap twice for the UV sterilization function. If LIZ needs to charge, after one tap it will blink red to notify you to plug it in.


Using durable and heavy metal-free materials, LIZ is in compliance with the European Union’s RoHS certification, as well as conforms with health, safety, and environmental standards of the CE certification. Using LIZ saves plastic bottles from being turned into harmful waste, so you can get hydrated guilt-free.

Safe And Sustainable

Even LIZ’s materials are geared towards sustainability and health. In addition, it has a lid opening detector that acts as a safeguard by detecting ambient light to stop the UV sterilization process if the lid is open.

Fits Into Your Life

Wash everything but the smart lid in the dishwasher for an easy way to keep LIZ’s exterior clean. LIZ is also the perfect size for most standard cup holders.