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Catch more waves than ever before

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Why You Need a Jetson Surfboard!

Jetson Surfboards feature a waterjet propulsion system that provides an extra speed boost at the most critical time to take off on a wave. We created Jetson to allow lifetime surfers to surf a lifetime. And our customers are passionate surfers who love to ride their jet-propulsion board so they can enhance their surfing experience while catching more waves.

Now we are bringing Jetson to you and will be launching an Indiegogo campaign on October 25, 2022. And you can be one of the first to own a Jetson here in North America! Join our VIP community and get your very own Jetson Surfboard.

Here’s why you need a Jetson:

  • Catch more waves
  • Control speed
  • Increased power
  • Jet into hard-to-reach surf spots
  • Punch through breaking waves
  • Boosted surf sessions

Countdown to the Jetson campaign launch:

Campaign Has Launched

Hear what our customers say about Jetson


With Jetson I can now triple my wave count that I would’ve got on an traditional board.


I’m 68 years old and Jetson rejuvenated my surfing. Now I’m catching more waves than I can ever imagine.


Jetson has kept me in the water 4 days a week in the last 7 years. And I’m hitting up to 15 to 20 waves per session.


Jetson got me back to surfing despite my shoulder injury. It’s incredible how easy it is to use and it has a panel for controlling the speeds.

Keeping Lifetime Surfers Surfing a Lifetime

Catch more waves than ever before with Jetson!

Jet Power Propulsion

Electric-powered thrust at the most critical time to take off on your wave.

Own The Waves

Adjust your speed to fit your needs and increase your wave count with Jetson!

Control Your Speed

Integrated touchpad right at your fingertips for easy speed control.

The Perfect Fit

Choose between Jetson's 3 board: Shortboard, Funshape & Longboard

Innovative Surfing Technology

Jetson Surfboards deliver the ultimate surfing experience with electric-powered jet propulsion.

Control thrust and speed with the integrated touchpad system.

Enhance your surfing experience with electric-powered jet propulsion!

Increase paddling acceleration to easily take off on any wave.

Maximize your surfing experience by choosing your model, length, and power setting selection.

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Why Jetson?

Our team is led by two-lifetime surfers who aspire to see a Jetson in the hands of every wave rider.  Our goal is simply to make it easier for lifetime surfers to surf a lifetime and for surfers young and old to catch more waves than ever before.

Have Any Questions?

You have questions, and we have answers. We know everyone has their own wave-riding journey, and we are here to help. For questions, comments, or suggestions, please email us at