iotty Smart Light Switch

Automate and redesign your home with beautiful Italian smart technology.


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Bold, Beautiful, and Always In Style

iotty is more than just an upgrade to your smart home lighting system, it enhances your decor and upgrades your style to spectacular.

Smart Home Next-Gen Features

Blending with both iOS and Android technology, you have the power to automate, schedule, and control your lighting, garage door, track energy consumption and more with the touch of a button.

Easy To Install

All you need is a standard screwdriver and about five-minutes! An easy-to-follow video and tech support via website, chat, and email make DIY installation a breeze no matter what your skill level.

Contemporary Italian Design

Crafted with touch-enable tempered glass, the iotty Smart Light Switch features stunning, dimmable backlighting, acoustic feedback, and is available in seven colors to match your personal sense of style.

Seamless Connection To Other Devices

No hub required! iotty has built-in Wi-Fi capability and connects to smartphones, tablets and other platforms such as Amazon Echo so you can create the ultimate smart home no matter what you use.

Crafted For Convenience And Elegance!

Beautiful Style

iotty is uniquely and simply beautiful. Choose your style and make your living space your own with multiple colors to select from.

Works On Your Schedule

Activate your lights to turn on or off at a particular time of day, in conjunction with sunrise/sunset, or use in “Away Mode” to safeguard your home while you’re on vacation!

Wi-Fi Network Monitoring

Activate the Wi-Fi connection, and iotty will turn lights on/off when your smartphone connects/disconnects to a specific Wi-Fi connection.

Geo Location Technology

Activate the GEO location to automatically open your garage door or turn off or on your lights when your smartphone enters or leaves your hometown or office.

Track Energy Consumption

Go green and save money by tracking and adjusting your energy consumption through the iotty companion app.

Share With The Whole Family!

Multiple users can interact with your iotty so your family can always come home to a well-lit house, open the garage door in bad weather, and automate lighting so everyone benefits!

Your decor never had it so good. Available in seven colors to match your home or make a statement, iotty is elegant in white, black, gray, tan, blue, red and green. Switch in and out colors with changing moods, seasons, or tastes!

Chose any way you want to glow! iotty’s backlight can be set to turn on when you get close or stay lit all the time so you can easily locate it from across the room. It makes for a perfect night light.

The app is easy to use to make schedules, manage energy usage and setup activity notifications to alert you when events happen. Be notified of unusual activity and check on the status of your home at any time.

Connect multiple lights throughout your house and turn them on and off with a single touch no matter where you are in the world.