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HoverGlide – World’s 1st “Floating” Backpack

Reduces impact forces up to 86%!


Hit the trails … softly.

Equipped with revolutionary Suspended Load Technology (SLT), HoverGlide greatly reduces the stress of the weight load on your back, neck, knees, and ankles as you walk or run. It’s THE most significant innovation in backpacks in the last 30-40 years!

Reduction of impact forces by 86%

Studies in the journal, 'Nature' showed an 82% reduction in force while walking and an 86% reduction while running.

Decreases potential for injury

HoverGlide helps you hike longer with less stress on your body -- also reducing your chance of injury from too much strain on your back, neck or knees.

More endurance reduces metabolic rate and exertion

With HoverGlide, your hikes will require less metabolic energy (also in the journal, 'Nature') as the pack easily glides up and down while you walk or run. Just by changing your backpack, you can now hike farther with more gear.

Perfect for hiking, traveling, commuting and training

With 4 styles ranging from 28 liters to 55 liters, these packs offer a variety of options no matter what you’re looking for in a backpack. Our 20" frame fits all three smaller packs (28-30L) so you can switch out packs to fit your needs.

The biggest game-changer in hiking since trail mix!

Suspended Load Technology (SLT)

Using a patented double-frame and pulley system design, HoverGlide dramatically reduces the dynamic forces impacting your pack.

Rugged and Durable Design

Our SLT design and functionality have been field-tested and are currently undergoing operational testing by the US Army and the US Marine Corps.

Plenty of Storage and Space

Packs offer a variety of pockets, sleeves, mesh webbing and other unique features that give you the perfect amount of versatile storage for whatever you need.

Durable, lightweight materials

From the fabric and frame to the zippers and straps, we used materials that can withstand the rigors of the trail while also reducing pack weight.

Military Tested and Proven

Our pack was tested in tough conditions by both the US Marines and the US Army.

Breathable Comfort

Harnesses and hip belts constructed of closed cell foam covered in a 3D “air mesh” to wick moisture away.

HoverGlide Trekker

With a 24-inch frame and 55-pound capacity, Trekker can carry enough supplies for multi-day treks while limiting the pounding that your back and knees take on the trail. Flexible storage spaces and convenient pockets allow for easy access to essential materials on the go.

HoverGlide Commuter

This pack is perfect for the person on-the-go and commuting around the city. Commuter is built on our 20-inch frame and is ideal for carrying your laptop, a tablet, books, art supplies and whatever else you need at work or around campus all day. Commuter can help you effortlessly carry 25 pounds anywhere you need to go.

HoverGlide Hiker

Built on our 20-inch-frame, Hiker is a versatile, durable day or weekend pack with plenty of pockets that you can quickly access while hiking. A convenient sleeve can hold a two-liter reservoir for liquid hydration, and the main section has large storage spaces and smaller, internal secure pockets ideal for wallets and keys

HoverGlide Tactical

this is an ideal pack for first responders, military personnel and anyone tackling long training runs. The heavy supplies you carry can now float along behind you, taking strain and stress off of your body and giving you more energy for a longer hike.