HotWave - The Multipurpose Hose Sprayer That Never Runs Out Of Hot Water

Uses Tankless Water Heating Technology.


Hot Water Any Time, Anywhere

There are a lot of reasons why you might need hot water outside. With HotWave, hot water is instantaneously available for washing your car, your gutters….even your dog!

Hot Water On Demand

You don’t have to wait for the water to get hot; heat up to 110 degrees in an instant.

Perfect For Fido

Hot enough for tough jobs and warm enough to safely use on pets.

Use Anywhere

Easy to install. Just attach it to the hose and it’s ready to go!

Versatile Performance

Multiple spray patterns allow you to use the right pressure for the job.

Hot Water Anytime You Want It!

Heat It Up!

Heat up the water to your desired water temperature with just a turn of the dial. That way you can clean stuck-on food off the grill AND give a warm bath to a pet.

Change The Pressure

Adjusting the pressure is no problem! Use the higher setting for grime on house siding, or set it to a more gentle flow for washing your favorite furry friend.

One Source

Since the water and the heater all come from the same place, you’ll be able to get the desired temperature in an instant.

Save Time

Save time and effort by tackling multiple jobs, one after the other. All you need to do is adjust the spray and the temperature and you’re immediately ready to move onto the next task.


You won’t be shocked by freezing cold water temperatures or steaming hot…unless you want to! You are in complete control at all times.


HotWave is tested in Rheem Laboratories for tough conditions, so it’s built to last!

Effective Cleaning

Hot water has faster moving molecules than cold water. This molecular speed translates into heat and energy that can do a better job of cleaning than cold water.

4 Spray Patterns

Pick the right one for the job!
Cone: Max Temp 110 Degrees
Flat: Max Temp 110 Degrees
Jet: Max Temp 110 Degrees
Shower: Max Temp 91 Degrees

Safe To Use

HotWave is designed with the highest electric safety standards, so you know you’re safe when you’re using it.

Comfortable Grip

The ergonomic, insulated grip is accompanied by an easy trigger lock for the ultimate in comfort and control