Become Part of History and Transmit Messages Deep into Space!

Join us and other space enthusiasts as a virtual crew member to become part of a Rocket Launch in 2024!

Broadcast your personal message into the galaxy!

With Forever in Space’s advanced technology and satellite, people of Earth can now send personal messages beyond our planet and track their journey through a mission hub dashboard. Talk about cool! 

Campaign Has Launched

Embark on an Interstellar Journey

Personalized Messages

Send your private and symbolic audio or photo message  into the universe.

Gain VIP Access

Be part of a Commercial Space Launch in 2024 and gain access to VIP mission briefings.

Monitor Your Message

Track your message through space in the mission hub dashboard.

Intergalactic Mission Kits

Commemorate and preserve the memory with collectibles and swag.

Send messages at the speed of light into space

Begin Your Space Mission

Send Messages to Space

Craft your own private messages to space to possibly reach far off planets and maybe extraterrestrials!

Become a Virtual Crew Member

Become one of the crew! Get insider information from professionals dedicated to the project.

Have Your Name Transmitted into the Great Beyond!

All early adopters will have the once in a lifetime opportunity to have their names transmitted into the cosmos as one of the first transmissions from the satellite!

Priority Broadcasting!

All early adopters will have free priority broadcasting which means their messages will be sent before later adopters! This bumps up your transmission date potentially YEARS in the que!

First-Hand Launch Experience

Get a front row seat to rocket preparation and launch for a once in a lifetime experience with live streaming.

Intergalactic Mission Kits

Virtual crew members will receive collectibles and swag to commemorate this one in a lifetime experience!

Share the Stars

Create a special memory for you and your loved ones by sending your personalized messages into the stars together.

Preserve the Memory

Receive collectibles to represent your participation in the 2024 Rocket Launch.

Gift the Galaxy

For the space lover in your life, give a timeless gift! Let your loved ones send their private messages into space!

Explore Outer Space

Experience the journey and track your message’s theoretical journey through our solar system and into the great beyond!

Sign Up Now And Get Your Exclusive VIP Discount and Benefits

Don't miss out on the VIP launch day with HUGE discounts off the retail price, priority broadcasting, and a chance to have your name sent into the stars!!

Why Forever in Space?

The Forever in Space team has been working on creating this experience for over two years. We’ve enlisted some of the best engineers in the industry who have over 100 successful space launches to ensure that this mission is a success! Forever in Space has already begun the production of our newly designed satellite and is committed to ensuring your message is transmitted into the heavens privately and successfully post-launch day!

Any Questions?

You have questions, and we have answers. For questions, comments, or suggestions, please email us at