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Why You Need a Fogo Junior!

Fogo Junior is a new generation electric heater built with patented Grapheat technology integrated with AI learning to optimize energy efficiency while heating your home in a smart way. With intelligent sensors and AI technology, your area will stay at the optimal temperature. Plus, you’ll have full control right from the Fogo app! 

The French creators of Fogo are bringing it to launch in the US on a leading crowdfunding platform in May 2023! Join the VIP Community and get your own Fogo Junior while they last!

Here’s why you need a Fogo Junior: 

  • Heat your space to your comfort level 
  • Grapheat technology lets you optimize energy use, keeping heat longer
  • Intelligent sensors and AI learning customize Fogo Junior for you
  • Full control from the Fogo App 
  • Customize patterns and colors to match your home decor!

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Hear what our customers say about Fogo

The Fogo Junior has been perfect for my home!

I love being able to control my room temperature right from the Fogo app.

We don't have to burn the fireplace anymore. We just move our Fogo Junior with us!

The design for the Fogo Junior is perfect! I was able to design it to fit right into my home.

The Future of Heating is Here

Set Your Level of Comfort with Fogo Junior

Energy Efficient

Holds heat longer and only uses power when needed.

Smart Technology

AI and intelligent sensors create the perfect heating comfort.


Move Fogo Junior around your home where you need it most.


Choose color, finish, and texture to heat your home with style.

Energy Efficient Choice

Portable Space Heating

Learning AI Technology

Intelligent Real-Time Sensors

Simple App Control

Customizable, Modern Styles

Innovative Heating Technology

Save money and heat efficiently! Fogo Junior only uses the power it needs, using Grapheat technology to keep and use heat to keep you comfortable.

Fogo Junior’s portable design allows you to heat any space and remotely monitor and set comfort levels.

Heat smarter with the 2000W Fogo Junior and AI technology that optimizes heating and adjusts to your preferences.

Equipped with a series of intelligent sensors, you can easily control your environment right at your fingertips.

Explore through the easy-to-use app that provides real-time indoor and outdoor temperatures to help you control your energy costs.

Fogo Junior’s modern design easily fits in with any decor. Plus, colors, patterns, and finishes are customizable.

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Why Fogo?

Fogo is a passionate team of entrepreneurs with a mission to help the world heat smarter with energy-efficient technology. After extensive development, Fogo is proud to bring the Fogo Junior to the market to be delivered in the winter of 2023 to allow users to keep their loved ones warm in an innovative way while saving money on energy costs.


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