AuraVera - The World's First Perfume That Fits Your Personality

AuraVera uses AI and a fun personality quiz to match you with your perfect fragrance.

Discounted price with a VIP reservation for AuraVera starts at only $80 for 3 x 1.02 fl oz perfumes! That's a savings of 56%!

Formulate A Fragrance Just For You

Your personality is like a fingerprint – one of a kind. So why would you wear a perfume that was made for someone else? 

Using a short and fun personality and preference quiz and the power of AI, AuraVera helps match you with over 700 perfume notes for the perfect fragrance combination uniquely for you.

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One Of A Kind

Since AuraVera makes the perfect blend for you, your perfume will be as unique as you are.

It’s Just Fun

Not only is the personality test fun to do, you can see how you match up with your friends and family too.

Easy To Do

It only takes about 3 minutes to take the quiz and then AuraVera gets to work, delivering it right to your doorstep.

Sustainably Source

AuraVera’s ingredients are sustainably sourced with attention to local communities, so your purchase makes a difference.

Tailor Your Perfume For Your Personality


AuraVera perfumes are blended using fine fragrance perfume accords from the renowned French perfumery atelier, which sustainably sources the best ingredients worldwide

21st-century perfumery comes by assimilating information about your key personality traits – which, like your fingerprint –is data that you and only you will ever have.

Their science-based approach harnesses the power of AI and machine learning for the ultimate experience in luxury and technology.

AuraVera’s system is insight-based and astonishingly accurate, matching up with elements that tell an important story about who you are and how you see yourself.

Because the scent is blended just for you, it’s highly unlikely that anyone else in the world will have the same combination of perfume notes.

Your purchase of perfume comes wrapped in a scarf with colors that resonate with your personality type and helps support local African artists.

Meet AuraVera

Express yourself through the best of old-world perfumery and new-world technology to create a custom and personalized fragrance.

Are you an Optimist? Futurist? A Gift? Our quick 3-minute quiz will target your personality traits to formulate a perfume that reflects you!

Be your own inspiration in creating beautiful, natural French perfumes, perfectly made for your personality type.

Whether you are bewitching, motivational, loyal, introverted, or all of the above, our astonishingly accurate AI system will align and formulate your personality with your perfect fragrance.

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