The world’s first dual-camera AR attachment for motorcycle helmets

Makes any motorcycle helmet smart and interactive.


The Future of Motorcycle Tech Is Here

Get unmatched functionality and quick access to music and calls all in any ordinary motorcycle helmet. Argon Transform makes safer, smarter riding easy.

Augmented Reality HUD

A high-definition, see-through augmented reality (AR) display with brightness control makes sure you can interact with your apps and still keep your eyes on the road.

Rear View Feed

See potential dangers and eradicates blindspots with a near 180-degree field of view!

Bluetooth Handlebar Controller

Wireless and hassle-free product control makes using essential functions while riding safer.

Simple User Interface

Quick vital information at a glance, including caller ID, music, GPS Navigation, and more!

Get the freedom you crave on the road while keeping control of how you stay connected.

Compact Design

Even though Argon Transform is light, requires minimal installation, and is easily transferable between helmets, it still has everything you need, including a front and rear camera, GPS navigation, and more!

Make Calls From The Road

Keeping connected doesn’t have to stop once your helmet is on. Answer/reject calls and see who is calling with a pop up caller-ID on the AR HUD display.

Non-Stop Music!

Play your favorite music and even browse titles with ease. The soundtrack to your ride will always be the one you want in the moment.

3-Way Wireless Control

Your mobile and handlebar controller uses Bluetooth 4.1 low energy for smooth data transfer and control. Argon Transform also has WIFI capabilities for quicker data transfer and more!

Dashcam At The Ready

The Front dashcam records on a loop up to 1080p, 30FPS and captures images at 1080p. The media is then stored on an expandable micro SD card.

Two-Way Intercom System

Privately communicate with another rider at distances up to 100 meters apart using Bluetooth, so no data is wasted and you don’t have to pull over to talk.

Dedicated Mobile App

Get all the info you need at a glance with the Argon Transform app. Designed to be easy to use, you’ll have immediate access to specific ride statistics (total distance traveled/mileage, total riding time, captured media, the Argon social community, and so much more!)

Retrofit Design

No need for screws, drilling, or making holes in your expensive helmet. Since the Argon Transform attaches by applying the sticky mounts onto the helmet you can use it without destroying the integrity of the helmet.

Durable & Weatherproof

When you hit the open road, you never know what you may find. That’s why the Argon Transform is dust and weatherproof so you don’t have to worry where unexpected adventures might lead you. With an IP65 rating for product durability under rugged environmental conditions, you can feel confident that it’s got your back.

High Fidelity Speakers and Microphone

Your music and communications won’t be interrupted by the sounds from the open road. Noise-canceling speakers and a microphone fitted into the helmet and connected to the back attachment are perfectly designed for music, calls, and audio navigation cues to come through loud and clear.